Anti-Porn 24.3 + Crack Full

Anti-Porn 24.3 + Crack Full

Anti-Porn 24.3 + Crack Full version is widely known software that can do many restrictive actions. It is mainly a parental program that can block access to any porn related websites. Since the latter are known for hosting various kind of content that can actually harm your computer. From malwares such as trojans, worms and even crypto miners that reside on such websites.

Anti-Porn 24.3 + Crack can filter out all websites that are risky for your children. It is a tool used to control the visited websites and programs launched in a business environment to restrict access for your employees to certain websites like social media and Youtube, and let them focus on their work instead.


Anti-Porn 24.3 Key Features


Multilingual content filtering
Anti-Porn is able to block all kinds of inappropriate websites, no matter the language in which it is written, including: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Chinese… etc. You also control what you want your kids to see or not to see. Anti-Porn’s intelligent content Filtering Engine does an amazing job blocking Porn websites even before they load up.

Activity reports
Monitor the whole online activity of your household or employees. Captures Windows screenshots periodically at specific time intervals.

Limit games and internet chat
Anti-Porn 24 can determine which launched program is a game or a chatting application and limit it to run. This process is completely automatic, that you don’t need to constantly add games to a blacklist.

Limit internet access by day and time
Allows you to set limits on the time your kids spend on internet, messaging apps or computer games.

Hidden from Task Manager
The program is invisible on the Task Manager, so no one can actually close or remove it without your authorization.


How to Install:
1- Open [antiporn243.exe] then install the program.
2- Don’t run the software yet. If it is already running, then close it.
3- Copy “tuEagles.Anti-Porn.v24.Patch.exe” to installation dir.
4- Run the patch as admin then apply it.
5- You are done. Enjoy Anti-Porn 24.3 final full version.


Download Anti-Porn 24.3 + Patch Full

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AVG Internet Security 2018 Crack

AVG Internet Security 2018 Crack free download for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

One of the greatest challenges associated with using a PC to surf the net is its susceptibility to malicious agents such as viruses, spyware and the like, which are capable of constituting a great threat to a computer system. Often, these malicious agents, also known as malware, corrupt the hard disk boot sector and even files on a PC when executed. It has therefore become a great task on the part of every computer user who do not want to fall victim of this destructive intruder, to install and regularly update an antivirus software package in order to militate against all sorts of computer infections.

Developed by the AVG Technologies, AVG internet security 2018 Crack previously known as AVG, is arguably one of the best antivirus software package available out there. It ensures maximum security against viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and every other infective agent associated with the day-to-day computer usage. The package is available for computers operating on Windows, Android and MacOS operating systems. Historically, it had its first launch in Czech Republic in 1992 from where it grew in leaps and bounds to North America, Europe and now, worldwide. Interestingly, as of today, the proprietor of this software reports that not less than 200 million computers make use of this software worldwide.

AVG Internet Security 2016 Free Download

AVG Internet Security 2016 Free Download

Viruses on Computer?

We know and have heard of viral diseases in plants and animals but what about computer viruses? Are there literal microorganisms also trying to invade our computer system? Well, computer viruses are to a large degree, different from those in plants and animals. Computer viruses operate on the principle of social engineering deceptions which takes advantage of the vulnerability of security setup to invade, infect and multiply. Typical of a biological virus, it also cannot multiply itself unless as it gets in contact with the files on your computer system

The main target of most computer viruses are Windows operating systems. The difficulty in handling most viruses is that many of them have developed mechanisms to evade detection by most antiviruses. And so, as each antivirus has to be up-to-date to be fully equipped to detect and delete any virus.

It is important to note that all computer viruses are man-made. As earlier stated, developers of viruses take advantage of a loophole in the security of a computer OS and as such, penetrate the system through this loophole. There are very many objectives upon which viruses are manufactured. To some, it is a profit-making venture while others deliberately create viruses to send a personal or political message to unsolicited recipients. Some viruses are developed by certain individuals to show to a company that their system is not safe or perfect. For whatever reason it may have been fabricated, it has surely done more harm than any good.

As a response to this unwanted malicious agents, many companies sprang up to curb this menace and the result is the many antiviruses now available, AVG internet security 2016 being one.

AVG Internet Security 2018 crack key Features

  • Assured Protection for Your Computer. With its latest security features, AVG blocks all viruses, malware and spyware capable of corrupting your files and system
  • Online Shield. This prevents and protects your PC from harmful online downloads
  • Improved Firewall. This prevents hackers from hijacking your information while shopping online
  • Data Safe. It ensures that your data are encrypted and protected by a password
  • This feature removes, stops and prevents worms, Trojans, and viruses from spreading thereby ensuring that your Data are in your control and not someone else’s.
  • Link Protection. All your internet application links such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are periodically scanned to fish out malware and viruses. Equally, this feature assesses the safety of the websites you visit to prevent possible infection.
  • File Shredder. Already infected filed safely deleted by this feature.
  • Schedule Scanning. You can program the time and date including frequency at which you would like your AVG antivirus to resume scanning. This feature ensures that even you don’t remember doing the manual scanning, once programmed, the command would be carried out and you can be assured of adequate protection.
  • Gaming Mode. AVG antivirus 2016 latest version running underground while you are playing a game on your PC can result in a lag or frame rate reduction. However, with this feature, all updates and/or scheduled scans are turned off to avoid this.

Procedures for Installation

  1. It is essential you make sure all internet connections on your system are turned off prior to installing it.
  2. Download the software from AVG official website, and extract the .exe file which you would run
  3. Install the software by following the simple required steps. Should you install the trial version, please note that access would be limited to certain days. But to enjoy it for a long time, you can purchase an activation key
  4. After activation, turn on your internet connection to update the antivirus definition base. After updating, perform your first scan on your PC. It must be noted that in order to get the best out of any antivirus package, regular update has to be done so that its database is well equipped for maximum protection.


  • It is lightweight and highly efficient
  • Can check various social media networking sites
  • It has a comprehensive feature to meet everyday computer security needs


  • The installation can take a considerable long time
  • Activating the full version comes at a price.
  • As of every other antivirus, AVG requires regular internet connection for updating it


In today’s computer world, getting a reliable antivirus running on one’s PC isn’t just a wish, it is a must. You’ve got to accept some files using hardware like flash drives or USB all of which are potential sources of malware, spyware and the like. And apart from that, every time you make use of your computer to browse, you are exposed to lots of risks. There is however one antivirus that can be trusted, and that’s AVG. the 2016 version is particularly loaded with features just sufficient enough to get you shielded. It is lightweight and very easy to use. The inbuilt scanner is not only fast but also efficient. You are definitely not making a wrong choice with an updated AVG internet security 2016 running on your PC.

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AVG Antivirus 2018 Serial Key Crack Full Version Free Download

AVG Antivirus 2018 Serial Key Full version crack

AVG Full Version Antivirus 2018 Serial Key for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. Having a robust antivirus program is probably the most important thing you need to consider regarding your device. With the growing use of the Internet today, the potentially harmful viruses, worms, and other spyware are growing. Threats are lurking around every corner and every page, so you need to have maximum protection. You probably won’t be shocked when we say that the AVG Free AntiVirus 2018 serial key is one of the best security programs you can have installed. For many years now and numerous versions, this software has remained in the top spots of the security programs’ list. And more importantly – the program totally deserves all the attention that we can offer the developers.

AVG Full Version Antivirus 2017 Serial Key + Crack

Key Features AVG 2018 crack serial key 

  • The software is very useful for protecting your system against different rootkits, worms, viruses, spyware, and Trojans so that you will be fully covered.
  • The scanning speed has been reduced to optimize the consumption of your system’s resources.
  • With AVG Free, you can customize your scans so you can choose manually which areas of your system should be examined more often and more thorough.
  • Also, scans can be scheduled as daily, weekly and monthly.
  • The program works as a scanner for SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 accounts and as a plug-in for applications as Microsoft Outlook, so your emails would also be scanned for infected attachments.
  • When a scan has been performed, you will see five protection areas on your device, and they will be color coded. Green means well but if you see other colors, you must check the particular area.
  • The websites you are visiting are also scanned, and the program warns you if there is anything potentially damaging to your system.
  • A popular feature of the program is the so-called Gaming Mode which prevents the automatic scans and updates, so you won’t be interrupted during gameplay.
  • The File Shredder is also a useful feature as it allows you to delete all private files permanently from your device.
  • As AVG Free works with Android devices too, you can perform remote scans and cleaning of your computer directly from your Android device.
  • There is also an AVG Zen feature that will allow you to cover all your devices from one dashboard.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that will allow people with no knowledge of similar programs to use it to its full potential.
  • The installation of the program is basic – like any other program.

Supported OS:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX 10.8 and above
  • Android 2.2

Author Note: When it comes to free security programs, there is no better one than AVG Free Antivirus 2018. It has all necessary and powerful features that will keep you protected all the time from all kinds of threats and viruses. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a tech genius to have it installed and use it correctly.

AVG Antivirus 2018 serial key


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